Open letter CPI FMJD April 05, 2015

Dear Mr.H.Otten, dear Mr.F.Teer,
Executive Board FMJD (15-16 March 2014) stated (quote):
„(…)Executive Board decided to suspend all new titles and
confirmations of new competitions of CPI until further notice.
Many experts have given their opinion..The Executive Board will try to find expert advice about if and how to go on with the competitions for Problem composers and how to do justice to the protest of Mr. Fomin.“
Open letter.
A year later we see neither expert evaluations, nor competent hearings.
CPI steps on solving the problem with the stopping of the committee work weren’t accepted by FMJD authorities.
So sport composer community saw neither juridical prerequisites for solving this problem, nor expert evaluation.
They also didn’t see the desire of the executive board FMJD to solve this problem.
As far as executive board FMJD couldn’t give any arguments for the accepted decision, we think that EB FMJD should recall the accepted decision of 2014 or inform CPI or composer committee when (concrete dates) there is a concrete decision of EB FMJD.
If there is no concrete answer from EB FMJD till April 15, 2015, CPI, some of its members, individual composers, reserve the right to act without reference to EB FMJD, because in the eyes of composer committee CPI, its president remains in charge of the international sport draught composition.
Best regards
V. Sulga (CPI president)
A.Kaciuska (member of CPI)
M.Tsvetov (member of CPI)
R. Shayakhmetov (member of CPI)